Skype is altering my code

This morning as I opened my Firefox windows, I was greeted with the Add-ons window (twice in a row, irritating in itself). The new add-on was from Skype. No problems in that, I think it can be a good tool for some, in particular those who've stopped using land line.

But then as I go through my tabs and have a look at my (temporary) website, I find Skype has messed up with my code! And they got the number wrong too. Had to go through all pages and rewrite my contact number, which wasn't exactly straight-forward - the text refused to be deleted first, and now Skype is showing the number properly.

Now, if the Skype facility works on any phone number, why mess with the code?!!

Bad play, Skype. That's copy-infringement. The following code blocks it in IE:
(add < >)

Another look, and the faulty code is back! Arrrrrgh! If only Skype could get it right!

If I remove the Skype add-on on my computer, the Skype button will still appear on other computers where the add-on is installed. This could alter the web design of websites considerably and mess up with the layout.

There is a code for the Skype button, so I really can't see why they take it upon themselves to alter codes without the consent of the website authors.


Virtual-writer said...


It looks like I managed to fix it, without disabling the Skype add-on.